Welcome to LetMeRepair (Servilux)

LetMeRepair extends its coverage for the Benelux region offering now local workshop and on-site repair

Bautzen/Hasselt, 5th September 2022 - LetMeRepair enters the service and repair market in the Benelux region by taking over the personal, assets and business of Servilux (Servinter) in Hasselt, Belgium.

Servilux established itself as a major service partner for the leading manufacturers and retailers in the region. Today’s core competence is with consumer electronics as well as small and large domestic appliances. Furthermore, Servilux established an own logistics infrastructure to collect & deliver goods, manage a retail shuttle and to supply spare parts (overnight) to its own and external on-site technicians.

Karl Dominick, CEO of LetMeRepair - "We are delighted to announce the completion of this strategic acquisition. It does not only close a gap in LetMeRepairʼs European footprint but also strengthens our competence in on-site service and the repair of large domestic appliances. Business is Global – Solutions are Local! That’s our motto and we are glad to bring it now to another major region in Europe. "

The financial and operational takeover has commenced as of 29th August 2022. The asset deal ensures a seamless operational transfer for all manufacturers and clients currently managed in the Benelux region. The new company is trading under LetMeRepair Benelux BV.

Philip Geuns, former Customer Relations Officer at Servilux, joined LetMeRepair Benelux as General Manager. LetMeRepair has appointed two of its Executive Committee Members as Interim Managing Directors. Petra Burkardt (Director Operations Europe) and Karl Sittinger (Commercial Director Europe) will coordinate and support the transition period and the integration into the LetMeRepair Group.

We are pleased to announce that all major clients have confirmed their commitment to continue the cooperation with LetMeRepair.